A queen size futon covers are for queen size futon mattresses, obviously, and measure about 60 inches X 80 inches. A futon bed is usually made up of the bed frame (which can double up as the couch), the futon mattress, and the covers. The more westernized futon beds usually come with a comforter as well. Whether you buy an entire set or just a mattress for a regular bed you need a futon cover, and the correct size for a queen futon. 

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The width of a queen size futon cover varies and if you want to get the right size, you need to measure your mattress and then buy accordingly. You can also carry the measuring tape with you when you go shopping for futons to ensure that you get the right width queen futon cover. Bringing a size too small will make the mattress lumpy and too large will give you too much extra room, especially since it is already a very large mattress

You also want to keep the design in mind. As it will add a lot of color and style to your room, it must go with your current furniture and tastes. Most people buy 2-3 covers, and keep changing over the season, to match different climates and weathers. Futon covers are actually an easy way to liven up a room – even one that is small and barely furnished. It looks very trendy, comfortable, is easily managed and with a good queen size futon cover you add spice to a room.

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